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Q+A :: Sisteray sit our Camden Rocks interview

London's Camden Rocks festival starts rockin' the streets of Camden once again on Saturday June 2.

If you still haven't got around to working out just who to see out of a wealth of both new and established artists filling out the line-up, we will be suggesting a few names over the next two weeks who we think are worth making the effort to see.


Sisteray is an alt-rock four-piece from East London formed around the songwriting partnership of singer Niall Rowan and lead guitarist Daniel Connolly, along with Michael Hanrahan on bass guitar and Calum Landau on drums.

The band released their debut single 'No Escape' in June 2015.
Latest single'Algorithm Prison' is out now through Vallance Records, ahead of their follow-up EP to last year's '15 Minutes'.

Dan Connolly is in the hot seat.

Camden Rocks - this your first time 'rocking Camden'?

No, we headlined The Good Mixer last year and it was one of the best nights of our lives. I have never seen so many people packed in to a tiny venue and it was amazing to play the Mixer with it's great history. What was so special about that set was, after seeing a lot of our friends play throughout the day (Moses, Sons, Lighthouse), seeing all the bands in the crowd when we hit the stage was something else. It was brilliant to see grassroots bands supporting each other. We expect much more of the same this year.

Do you have any special treats planned for your festival fans on the day?

We've spent the past few months recording on Pete Townshend's Grand Cru Studios in London. We can't go into too much detail just yet  but let's just say we've got a few 'special surprises' up our sleeves.

What is your favourite song in your set?

At the moment, it'll have to be our newest track, 'Algorithm Prison'. It's a really fun, fast, in your face punk tune and it's one of them songs that really participates the audience.

Do you have a different focus playing festivals to a standard gig?

Yes and no. We're passionate about our music and put 100% in to every show but I guess, with festival audiences, there's a lot more winning over of people, as not everyone will know you or your songs. Engagement and crowd participation are a big part of our shows, so we do focus more on getting festival crowds on side than say, one of our headline shows.

Where will you be playing and time?

The Crescent, 5.30pm.

What do you like best about festival gigs?

There's normally so many great bands, especially at festivals like Camden Rocks, just bouncing off each other. It's a great experience all round.

Ever had a festival disaster?

On the way to Kazoopa Festival, our manager crashed the van. After exchanging insurance details and getting back on the road, we arrived at our stage 5 mins after our stage time. We sprinted on stage with all of our gear and slammed straight in to the set... no line check, nothing. It turned in to a really rowdy, punk show and I think it added to the atmosphere in the end.

Can you remember the first festival you ever went to as a punter?

Reading Festival 2010 - The Libertines first comeback. I would tell you more but it's all a bit of a blur now!

Before or after the crowds catch your set at Camden Rocks, who else would be your festival must-see tip?

Berries, Calvalcade, Lucie Barat, The Black Roses, The Gulps and The Jacques, to name a few.

Who else will you personally try and see on the day?

I'm a huge PiL fan, so it'll be a dream to catch them live.

Find out more about Sisteray here.

For tickets and further information, visit the Camden Rocks website.

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