Saturday, May 26, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Club Yorke - Stop The Bleeding

Words: Sam Geary 

Club Yorke (formerly known as Residual) are yet another Australian band who sound absolutely crackin' on this, their new single, 'Stop The Bleeding'.

The Melbourne indie-rock four-piece have one of those big bangers - and at five-minutes, a long one too - here with flowing riffs, strong vocals from Sam Burtt, and some emotive songwriting.

"We wrote 'Stop The Bleeding'towards the end of what I guess was really an accidental hiatus," says frontman Burtt. "We had been writing a lot of stuff that we were proud of and tweaking it here and there in preparation for a new single but one rehearsal, this song just happened. I remember having one kind of improvised run through of it and it all just fell into place from there, it was really one of those special rare moments where the song really writes itself. Discovering it rather than contriving it from nothing."

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