Monday, May 21, 2018

Track Of The Day :: G Flip - Killing My Time

Words: Ellie Ward

It's hard to say if Melbourne's multi-instrumentalist Georgia Flipo, aka G Flip, is the next big thing - but that's only because Australia has so many vying for the first international break, that it's more a matter of who gets there first rather than if they can do it. Judging by G Flip's outstanding set at The Great Escape festival in the UK this past weekend, she's looking like she's up in pole position.

She embarked on her rise only a few months ago on releasing her debut single, 'About You'. Quickly picked by by Australian tastemakers, word soon spread further afield, as a result being signed up for management by Future Classic, and then pitching up in Texas in March to kill it at SXSW.

This second single, 'Killing My Time', shows the singer-songwriter-drummer extraordinaire putting out one of the best breezy pop songs that is likely to become a summer smash. Lightly peppered with airy vocals and a smattering of synth and crafty percussion, it's going to stick in your head for the next months as it crops up everywhere.

The story behind the lyrics, Georgia reveals, "revolve around a girl I was seeing, who kept distracting me from making music. My bedroom is my studio and she only wanted to stay in bed and make love all day. It was hard to escape and be productive so I inevitably I ended up breaking up with her because I wanted to focus. It was fresh on my mind once I sat down to write this song. She was 'Killing my Time'."

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