Monday, May 07, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Human Buoy - Loves Me Not

Words: Linn Branson

The scuzzy DIY delight of 'Loves Me Not' from Perth musician Ben McDonald (who is also a member of Dream Rimmy and Shiny Joe Ryan, as well as having played bass with Pond), aka Human Buoy, is yet further aural proof of just how good the Australian music scene is.

You can't fail to be swept along with a bass line like this, the muffled, manipulated vocals and the beats just made for dancefloor grooves and open top car drives. And as for the lyrics, don't you raise a smile at the likes of these: "Twisted my lime britches and I stitched 'em in a knot / In the land of nod / And she still loves me not / I pickled six black peppers and I threw 'em in a pot /And I got Passion Pop / But she still loves me not".

'Loves Me Not', released last week, comes in the wake of 2017's debut album from Human Buoy, 'Animation Station', and the single 'Roses'.

A fabulously wonderful track.

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