Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Tin Can Telescope - Just Another Day of (Pack)aging

Credit: Jakob Villumsen

Words: Linn Branson

Just a fraction shy of seven minutes, 'Just Another Day of (Pack)aging', released last Friday (May 18), is one hell of a quirky, immensely enjoyable listen.

There's an undertone of Chris Isaak, with something of an Americana edge, until it later dawns that Tin Can Telescope are in fact Danish garage-rockers, which gradually becomes discernible as the track progresses and Emil Pedersen's accent more pronounced.

Produced by the Grenaa-based four-piece under the alter ego of Skinny Wave and the Tin Cans, 'Just Another Day of (Pack)aging' follows the release of their third EP, 'Put Down the Chainsaw, Honey' In March.

The song's witty lyrics - about the mundanity of life and the fact that everyday is just another day of aging - were written "in the aftermath of a summer of constant touring and 10 hour shifts In a cardboard factory, hence the title," says Pedersen. "Rock n' roll life in the evening and sweat in the day time. Oh yeah, and a relationship also. Not much time to enjoy anything."

"Manic Monday is not a fun day / and there’s a guy who’s probably in love with me / Well, I don’t blame him, have you seen my shins / He gives me weird stares / it’s getting creepy / I got out of there..."

Enjoy every minute of this track - spot the Pulp Fiction reference, and more.

Brilliant stuff.

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