Wednesday, May 02, 2018

** VIDEO PREMIERE** Electric Ghost - Take Me Back

Words: Ellie Ward

Electric Ghost is two-piece Scottish outfit comprised of Mark Sharp (vocals, lyrics) and James Grant (guitar, drums, bass, production, arrangements) who formed last year after the former had put out a solo release, ‘Fools’.

The pair began work initially as Sweet Wave Audio with an aim to write the record as if they were creating songs for film or television. With Grant illustrating his talent for arrangements, the multi-instrumentalist produced a a collection of tracks which, in turn, he sent to Sharp who later added the lyrics and melody.

Now the partnership has just unveiled their self-titled debut album via Danish label Apollo Live as Electric Ghost, and this Friday, May 4, sees the release of single cut, 'Take Me Back'.

"’Take Me Back' is a straight up, break-up and make-up song," James Grant tells us. "It’s the kind of song that has something everyone can relate to. We tried to make it a euphoric make up/break up song without the cheese!"

The track comes with a visual accompaniment which Little Indie is pleased to bring you in advance of official release.

"The video is a short film which I was granted license to use by makers Inside Production," says Grant. "I edited the video so it would fit coherently with the track and, personally, I think it turned out great."

So do we. The clip opens on a couple standing on a shoreline, then wandering through a woodland, a country village, and then skateboarding in town, before ending back in picturesque twilight at the sea. Mark Sharp's vocals are tantalising as the song builds around a superb production.

See Facebook for more information on Electric Ghost.

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  1. Love this great lyrics and sound look forward to hearing more from these two lads.