Monday, June 04, 2018

** PREMIERE ** Ghost//Signals - Hectoring

Words: Ellie Ward

The dark pop four-piece from Newcastle, Ghost//Signals, Little Indie first came across last year with 'Start Families:Avoid Hip Parties'.

After following up with 'Queen of the Oxygen Thieves' this February, and recent live appearance at Hit the North, they are now back with their latest offering, 'Hectoring'.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Andi Anderson at YMCA Studios in North Shields, Little Indie is pleased to premiere 'Hectoring', released on June 19, here.

"Rarely do I write music before the lyrics, but this song proved to be an exception," vocalist Rick Lanning tells us, about the big, anthemic number. "However, I struggled to come up with anything lyrically once the music was there! As the guitar parts were already starting to have an '80s tinge', I took the approach of looking for an underlying theme which linked the present to that era.

"The result was a deliberately contrived look at the struggles within relationships during a climate of socio and economic unrest and just generally tough times. And how we're so apathetic to do anything about it: 'we're deader than the dance floor, but it's only what we asked for'."

Take a listen to the swooping, guitar-driven sounds of 'Hectoring' below.

Live dates

16  The Globe, Newcastle

03 Think Tank? Underground, Newcastle

Ghost//Signals are: Rick Lanning (vocals, guitars), George Colclough (guitars), Andy Johnson (bass), Mark Cliff (drums)

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  1. Absolutely brilliant song. Sounds great live too and really pleased I can listen at home. Great band.

  2. Nice to hear this recorded, after hearing it so many times live.... great job G//S