Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Sing & Tell :: FLOAT

Credit: Chris Almeida

FLOAT are a London-based quintet with a psych-krautrock-gaze influences. Their self-released debut single 'Watch' came out last week.

Who are you? 

We are FLOAT. I am Edmund, lead vocals, keys. There is Andrew S on guitar/backing vocals), Andrew H, bass, Bradley on drums, and Joe, guitar and backing vocals.

Tell us something about yourself and how you came to be where you are today? 

I'm originally from Yorkshire. Grew up from an early age listening to a lot of Britpop, due to my older brother's influence. This paved the way for me to want to learn more about music myself, and as I went through my teenage years right through to university, the bombardment of new sounds shaped my appreciation for many forms of music and genres. I joined a band at university in Leeds, played a load of shows around the country and in Paris. Ever since I've continued writing songs without limiting myself too much.

Give us an idea of your musical style and influences.

It's hard to really pinpoint our sound as one minute it can be dark and gloomy, then dramatic and theatrical, then melodic and memorable, then just plain weird. Trying to not be too conventional, yet appeal to the senses, is key, I feel, to how the songs progress. Our influences range from Echo and the Bunnymen, Television, and Neu! to Scott Walker, The Doors, and Nick Cave.

Explain the production and writing process behind your songs.

A majority of the songs, so far, have been an accumulation of stories that I had written within the last decade. Forming the band allowed for the songs to finally be expressed. Adapted stories of historical events play a big part in the lyric writing, such as the arrogance of the British in the Zulu War and Hitler asleep as Britain took Normandy, aswell as exploring genicide in Japanese folklore, and the misuse of hallucinogens in Colombian mythology. Either we create the music first and the stories are selected on top, or vice versa.

Tell us a little about your new single.

A song I wrote over 10 years ago, 'WATCH' reflects on the deterioration of mother earth and its inhabitants under the duress of time, nature and the forces of mankind. As voyeurs and participants all we can do is ‘watch them fade away’. The video, that accompanies the track, plays on these ideas as well as looking at technology, most notably the internet, and its entrapment of some viewer's malleable minds.

Can we catch up with you at any forthcoming live shows?

We have a headline show at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington, London on 17th July. It's a free entry show, and it's with Luxury Apartments and Plastic Surgery (featuring members of Fat White Family + The Voyeurs). We are also the main support to The Cosmic Dead at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar in Brighton on 12th July.

How's the rest of the year looking, plans-wise?

At the end of this month (June) we are recording with Euan Hinshelwood (Younghusband). These new tracks, along with ones produced earlier this year, will form an EP that we are to release later in the year. A new single, with accompanying video directed by Danny Nellis (Charles Howl) and Wesley Gonzalez, will also be released at some point in the year.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud or purchase physical handmade CD copies out our shop floatband.bigcartel.com

What social media platforms can we find you on?

Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

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