Monday, June 11, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Smallest Horse - Afraid Of Spiders

Words: Linn Branson

For many of us in the UK having grown up on a diet of Neighbours, Home and Away and an overdose of Kylie for 30-odd years, the Australian accent has become one we have a strange affection for. And it doesn't come stronger than that from Smallest Horse's Sam Pudding.

Almost a year ago Little Indie happened upon Brisbane trio Le Tupperware and their first track, 'Dogs From Gumtree'. With a ukulele, the likeability factor - and that accent - what was then the duo of Pudding (vocals, ukulele) and Nick Schwarer (melodica, guitar, vocals), they won our Brit hearts - and our coveted Track Of The Day accolade.

Fast forward to June 2018 and there have been some changes. The duo are now a three-piece, filled out on drums by Brenty Fitch, and their moniker has now become Smallest Horse; thankfully, the accent and quirky sound is still intact.

And what's more, they are about to release a new single. Like its predecessor, 'Afraid Of Spiders', out on June 29, is another in their self-described "story-shouting" vein of "powerfully candid songwriting explor[ing] matters of death and life".

At just over two minutes, it's just the right bite-size length to keep the listener drawn into their highly infectious melodies and lyrics. They may not have the best vocals around, or be the most instrumentally accomplished, but what Smallest Horse have in spades is an instant singalong, grin-raising, good feel appeal; slightly rough around the edges, but which feels fresh and untainted. We love them.

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