Monday, June 11, 2018

[Video] Boy Azooga - Breakfast Epiphany

With their debut album, ‘1 2, Kung Fu!’, released last Friday, Cardiff's fast-rising Boy Azooga share the video to ‘Breakfast Epiphany’.

Speaking on the song and the accompanying Toby Cameron-created video, Azooga main man Davey Newington explains:

“'Breakfast Epiphany' is the first track off the record, I came up with the chorus lyric in the shower and just kept repeating it again and again so that I didn’t forget the lyrics before I could write it in my phone notes. Having said the lyrics over and over to myself so as not to forget them, I thought I would do that in the actual song too, like a chant or something.

"It’s quite a sad song so I thought I’d give it a daft pun name. Musically it was inspired by Broadcast, Serge Gainsbourg, Caribou, George Harrison and beyond. The video was really fun to record, my friend Toby Cameron and I just went for a day out with his camera. We drank Guinness, bumped into old mates and walked around Cardiff. Good times!"

Watch above.

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