Thursday, June 21, 2018

[Video] SAATSUMA - Overflow

SAATSUMA, the Melbourne-based collaborative project of producers and composers Memphis LK and Cesar Rodrigues, share the new video to the titular track of latest album 'Overflow'.

Dealing lyrically with dark themes of losing control, visually it deals with the same premise but adds the extra dimension of youthful freedom that complements the musically perfectly.

“[Overflow] Explores the sense of losing control, like you’re drowning and unable to see a way out," states Memphis of Dyllan Corbett's six-minute video. "The notion that often things can seem so unbelievably out of your control and impossible to manage, so our ultimate instinct in dealing with this is to retract and withdraw. A similar theme to isolate, in the sense that our reaction to and difficult situations causes us to close off as a defence mechanism, and we’re all too afraid to face up to our fears and deal with our problems. Our lives become empty and meaningless, but we feel safe this way.”

Watch above.

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