Saturday, July 21, 2018

American singer/songwriter Delafaye gives the feels on 'These Days'

Words: Ellie Ward

Louisville, Kentucky singer-songwriter Andrew Shockley, known under the moniker of Delafaye, has one of those voices, all rich and brown and deeply satisfying, that the listener immediately feels comfortable with.

The relaxing, mellow folk-rock ballad 'These Days', released last Friday (July 20) on Street Mission Records, along with ‘Go Away Just To Stay’ as an AA single, follows his three earlier EPs, and precedes a forthcoming self-titled debut album due out in December.

'These Days' shows a vulnerability in its reflective, personal lyrics ("I’m not ashamed to be / What you say about me / The truth is lonely"), and loaded with a husky, soulful voice that endears the listener with its heartfelt honesty.

“It’s a reflection of my current mental state,” Delafaye relates. "Having this expectation put on you by society or the media to live up to a certain hype and just not caring to. It’s okay to be lost; most people are.”

Listen below.

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