Monday, July 30, 2018

Brisbane thrash-punks VOIID share new single 'Twin'

Words: Leah Raymond

Featured here earlier this month, Brisbane's thrash-garage-punk girls VOIID return with their rampant new single 'Twin'.

Promising to "make your face melt and your boyfriend cry", 'Twin' sees VOIID doing whar they do so well, flexing their lyrical and sonic dexterity, as they urge listeners to embrace their individuality, as they deliver razor-wire guitars, brattish drums and brazen vocals.

"The song is about society's expectations of how we should look, dress, feel and sound and that the only person who should dictate these things for you is yourself. We feel that abiding by someone else's standards won't get you anywhere," says lead guitarist Kate McGuire.

Check it out now.

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