Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ead Wood and The Heights ensure they won't be ‘Ignored’

Words: Sam Geary

Ead Wood and The Heights - aka Bristol based artist Ed Soles - releases a psych-infused surf rock sound on new single ‘Ignored’, out now.

Along with south London band Margot, here adopting the name The Heights ,‘Ignored’ - the first single of Soles' upcoming second EP ‘Beige Dreams' - is a bright and breezy guitar pop three and a half minutes that rolls along with infectious ease.

Ed describes 'Ignored' as the struggle with the modern-day consequences of “fading relationships and the troubles of miscommunication”.

Listen here.

Live dates

21 Harbourside Festival, Bristol
29 Old England, Bristol
31 Mr Wolfs, Bristol
04 *Secret Venue*, Rotterdam
08 Cafe checkpoint Charlie, Amsterdam
09 Cafe Hoffman, Utretch
11 Snuffel Hostel, Bruges
14 Viertelbar, Wuppertal
15 Cafe Kulturcafe Lichtung, Cologne
17 Suppe Mag Brot, Landau
18 Pizza Lab, Leipzig
25 Bluebirds in the Yard, Dordrecht
26 Cafe De Floren Aap, Mechelen

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