Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Listen :: Raccoon Lagoon - Action Figure Kid

Words: Ellie Ward

Amsterdam-based Russian psych-rock artist Petya Bouianov, or Raccoon Lagoon as his moniker tells us, has just released this new single 'Action Figure Kid' on July 9 via Outpost Records.

Described by Petya as a "project where I can let my creativity flow freely', on 'Action Figure Kid' he seems to have done precisely that. While there may not be a lot of lyrics to conjure with, the track does have a jaunty, foot-tapping beat that drives it amiably along, over which the lo-fi vocals give it its psych- infused essence.

The song's title, he tells us, was named after a guitarist he saw at a concert. "My girlfriend said he looked like an action figure kid, and the next day this song was made. It was a spontaneous jam and done in a few takes. I figured the track had to be kept fairly simple so I did as little production work as possible apart from EQ'ing."

Listen in via the DIY vudeo below.

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