Wednesday, July 11, 2018

London teen Leyma shows his fragrant visuals to 'Lavender'

Words: Sam Geary

Max Hanley, otherwise known as Leyma, dropped his new single 'Lavender' last month, and now follows it up with a video work.

The east London 17-year-old - who made his debut last November with his self-produced EP ‘W O R S T’  - has crafted his own lo-fi sound, fusing hip-hop, indie and R&B with observational lyrics.

"'Lavender' is meant to be a dream-like, upbeat sorta song, representing all the best parts of summer," says Leyma. "This track is unlike any songs I’ve written before, I feel more confident about being myself no matter what emotions I’m in, so making a track like this to vibe with was an important step.

"When you have a positive mindset, you appreciate where you are and who you have, everything becomes a lot easier. It’s too easy to become stuck in a negative place, and see nothing change."

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