Friday, July 13, 2018

NZ's Dead Little Penny return with the personal 'U 4 Me'

Credit: Rodney Fisher

Words: Ellie Ward

Little Indie first heard Auckland, New Zealand electro/shoegaze two-piece Dead Little Penny (Hayley Smith and Simon Buxton) a few months ago with their moody and hypnotic 'Honeycomb'.

They return now with its follow-up, the introspective 'U 4 Me', released today (July 13) - a deeply personal work penned by Hayley in 2013. Once again, the intense electro beat filtered through with ethereal synth and fuzzed out bass, is made more potent by the spine-tingling vocals that deliver the heartfelt lyrics.

“I wrote this song probably in what I would say the most challenging and low points of my life," Hayley reveals. "In my 20s, facing a divorce and a complete life change, I sat perched on the end of the spare bed at my mum’s house, and really got down to business and pulled out all my uncomfortable feelings.

"Basically, I felt like a total failure at life and love and I really needed to dig deep to look at that from a songwriting perspective. I’ve waited a few years to bring this out, and it just feels like the right time now."

Dead Little Penny's debut album, 'Urge Surfing', is due for release later this year.

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