Saturday, July 21, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Favours - In The Night

Words: Ellie Ward

Director Alexander Zen may well be a proponent of Zen and the Art of Videomaking, because his work here for Canadian synth-dream-rockers (whom he also manages) Favours' 'In The Night' loses me completely. Maybe I'm missing the subtext, or maybe I need to contemplate my navel a little and then return to it later... either way, it's a rather interesting, if a little on the dark side, visual.

The clip was apparently inspired by stills from the band's favourite Criterion Collection (a series of important classic and contemporary films) works, whilst the track itself is the debut single - recorded with Josh Korody (Dilly Dally, Weaves) - by the Toronto-based four-piece, and released on July 6.

"'In The Night' is a ballad for the stuck ones in an unfulfilling cycle of repetition," Favours state. "It's about escaping from the banality of the day and longing for the dreams that seem just out of reach."

While their style 'favours' 80s and 90s influences, with dual female and male vocals, there is also a seam of Brit new wave and dream pop running through 'In The Night'.

Check out the track and zone into the video clip below.

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