Friday, July 27, 2018

Watch :: Stereo Honey - Don't Speak

Directed by Gattmoff, Stereo Honey's video for 'Don't Speak' will leave you speechless.

The latest single from the band, released last month via LAB Records, is described by lyricist and frontman Pete Restrick, as "a song written from depression’s point of view. A man lies alone, locked in some kind of terrible limbo, neither able to dream, nor able to wake up, neither able to live, but unable to die. His body carries its own twisted life force, like a heartbeat that continues on despite the body having already depreciated.

“From the outside his body is still, but a battle rages inside of him. It comes in waves, crushing and obliterating everything in sight. And every time it leaves it takes a little piece of him with it. He cannot remember when he opened the doorway and let it in, but now that the door is unlocked he cannot close it again no matter how hard he braces the edges. Through this doorway a spark has ignited and has started a fire, that burns but never leaves.”

For the song's visual this theme has been embraced with its opening of Restrick sitting at a piano construct in a large house, in which the instrument is seen filled with water - and a girl - intercut with band members performing the track and outside scenery, which closes on the flames of a large fire slowing burning out to a plume of smoke.

As with all Stereo Honey's work, there is a lot of thought and interpretation put into it. Watch above.

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