Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Check out the debut EP from Sleephawk and new visuals for 'Faker'

Words: Sam Geary

London-based Sleephawk has dropped the second single ‘Faker' from his debut EP, 'Glass', out this Friday (August 10) through Fireye Records. In addition, he has also made the EP available for free download ahead of release, and has a new self-animated video to accompany ‘Faker'.

The single is an intimate exploration of belonging and place through delicate acoustics, a haunting intense vocal delivery and layer upon layer of atmosphere building histrionics with an Alt-J esque drumline its beating heart.

Matt describes the track as being about Imposter Syndrome and explains its born from an honest place, plotting the desperation in which humanity can be led to punish itself with a longing to be better than itself.

The video for the track is a 16-Bit computer game led visual which stuns in intricacies as a work of art and as a construction by one man with one computer and hours of hours work. The video tells the story of a character who ends up in the wrong game and can't escape so has to find his own way to play.

 ‘‘I love video games and really wanted to capture that nostalgia of the early megadrive games," says Matt. "I created the video by scanning my drawings into Photoshop, colouring the frames and then piecing them together on After Effects into character gifs I could move around. The protagonist was the hardest, as I wanted him to move as more of a cartoon than a video game hero. I didn't count the hours but it definitely took a few months, with a couple of 12 hour shifts to finish off."

Listen to the full EP below.

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