Friday, August 03, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Sad Boys Club - Sleepyhead

Credit: Alex Prete

Words: Linn Branson

Little Indie has been enamoured of North London's indie-rock outfit Sad Boys Club since we first heard them late last year.

After a series of outputs such as ‘Know’, ’15/01’ and ‘American Spirit’, our Sad Boys now return with a new delight, 'Sleepyhead'.

After a darkly ponderous opening, vocalist Jacob Wheldon sends a four-minute shiver down the spine with his dream about a spider that had Hayley Williams of Paramore's face...we will leave there and not question what might have caused such a scenario!

"The song was born of a lucid dream I had, the Shelob the Spider scene from ‘Lord of the Rings, only Shelob the Spider had Hayley Williams' face," says JW. "It became a kind of distorted landscape in which to think about faith and fiction, idols and judgement."

‘Sleepyhead’ is the band's first release since signing to Fierce Panda Records - and backs up what Little Indie said as one of the first to hear 'Know': this lot are going places - and that means further than their Crouch End stomping ground!

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