Wednesday, August 01, 2018

[Video] H.Grimace - In The Body

Words: Sam Geary

Directed by British artist Georgina Starr, London-based four-piece H.Grimace follow last year's debut album with the video to new single, 'In The Body'.

The dark, smoky post-punk track is partnered by the clip which conjures a future-possible realm where women communicate through the power of coded gesture, instructional bodily ritual and the language of sculpted breath.

“The bubble is from the body, it is both sacred and profane. It is birth - the beginning of everything," explains Starr, renowned for her large-scale sculptural installations. "It’s the first breath, the first word and the first sculpture. It is also a voice: the inside spoken OUT LOUD! The material is feminine. When it is chewed it becomes a potion or spell to transport and transform."

Watch above.

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