Thursday, October 11, 2018

** PREMIERE ** The Trusted - Cigarettes and Chandeliers

Words: Ellie Ward

Following their earlier summer release No Real Control', Southend-on-Sea alt-rockers The Trusted are back with their follow up single, 'Cigarettes and Chandeliers' which is set for release on all major platforms tomorrow (October 12).

Recorded at SS2 Studios in Southend, and produced by Rees Broomfield and mixed/mastered by producer, programmer and DJ Pete Gleadall (David Bowie, U2, Robbie Williams, Pet Shop Boys MD), Little Indie has the premiere here of 'Cigarettes and Chandeliers'.

Written during a period when the band was immersing itself in music by Catfish and the Bottlemen and Elvis Costello, the song is a bruising rock 'n' roller, driven by louche guitar riffs, bullish drums and rhythmic bass lines, around which an ominously seductive atmosphere with a channelling of glam-rock and Tom Cunningham’s most rakish vocals to date, plays.

“We are inspired by music from all over the place,” explains Tom. “So, as with most of our songs, 'Cigarettes and Chandeliers' takes inspiration from everywhere and nowhere in particular. We went through a bit of an ‘Elvis Costello’ phase so lyrically we took some cues from him. Over the last year we’ve worked really hard on evolving our sound. It’s kind of grown into itself it that makes sense. It’s evolved and grown organically into a good fit for us as a band!”

The hard-hitting rock song, redolent of early Stereophonics with a lick of mid-70s glam-rock, is lyrically both caustic and pithy.

“’Cigarettes and Chandeliers’ is about craving power," adds Tom, "about people with an inflated sense of self who just love to show off. People who are all talk, and who love to hear themselves talk. Everyone knows at least one person who loves to walk into a room and take control. A bit like Trump. Me, me, me. We tried to capture that egoism in the music too, by adding a sense of bravado to the guitars.
‘Cigarettes and Chandeliers’ is a lyrical observation. It’s a study, if you like, of the darker side of vanity.”

The Trusted are: Tom Cunningham (vocals, guitar), Dale Holt-Mead (guitar), Finlay Cunningham (bass), Dave Batchelor (drums).

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Live dates

12 Old Spitafields Market, London, Hoxton Radio Live broadcast (unplugged)
19 Underbelly, Hoxton, London

01 Fishmarket, Padua
02 Al Vapore Bar e Musica, Venice

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