Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Best new tracks Down Under #31

With the vibrant indie music scene in Australia and New Zealand constantly outshining much of the output from their British and American cousins, Little Indie picks our weekly bunch of some of the best new tracks on offer.


Preceding an EP due later this year, Auckland, NZ pop songstress Indyah shares the video for her latest single, which was produced by fellow Aucklander LMC and co-written with Mikey Dam. The two and a half minute trap/pop number is about "not wanting to hear people's opinions on what you do," she says. "The term 'la la la' is that feeling of putting your fingers in your ears and blocking out what people are saying about you. It is about coming to terms with the fact that people are gonna try and bring you down and tell you what to do. And you get to choose whether you want to take it on board or not."


The Brisbane rocker follows 'Spades' from earlier this year, with this new single 'The Outsider'. Released last week, it was produced by Joel Myles at Hunting Ground Studios in Brisbane, and lyrically touches on not fitting in when you’re an outcast. Emotive vocal is augmented by a rocky backdrop, with lyrics that reflect on feelings of isolation. “It’s about being left of centre, about not fitting in,” he says, “it’s about perception. You may have an idea about how others view you, but that’s not necessarily who you are. It’s easy to think somebody might be doing really well, but that could just be a front, while they’re dealing with a lot of problems.I think what I’ve learned from being in lockdown and having conversations with friends, is that nobody is really okay; we all have our own struggles.”


Auckland, NZ trio REPAIRS dropped this new single, 'Pop Song', last week. Following the recent 'Last Chances' from the indie post-punks, the two and a half minute, fast-paced number, they say, is "an anxious admission of imposter syndrome". It is also the opening track on their debut album 'Repeat, Repeat', released digitally and on vinyl on September 18.


From her debut EP 'Always Growing', Auckland, NZ pop newcomer Paige Tapara delivers this slow-building, but impressive, RnB-tinged cut 'Waves' here from the EP.  Her softly inflected voice is warming and is complemented by the subtle instrumentation; the video is equally engrossing, keeping the viewer hooked.


Sydney-via-Gold Coast artist Sarah Carey's new single ‘Here With You' draws you in in such a way that you don't appreciate how hooked you are until the end. The hazy, jazz-touched jam with its RnB elements, sheer sax moments, and gentle piano, is warm, sensual and enticing . “‘Here With You’ explores the ups and downs of a relationship," she says. "It’s inspired by going through a rough patch, but not wanting to give up. It’s about healing old wounds, and rejecting old, bad habits. It’s about hope.”


Credit: Al Parkinson

Melbourne musician Hayden Calnin shares this taster from forthcoming EP 'Forever', out September 4. The follow up to last year's 'A Life You Would Choose' also includes this lush 'Mountain Steeps'. A glorious four-minute heartstrings-tugger, with Calnin's compelling voice driving the rich, layered ballad with aplomb. "I wanted it to feel other worldly, which is why I included a lot of digitally processed backing vocals and a vocoder-esque treatment laying underneath it all," he explains. "When all those layers sat under the main vocal, it really played a huge part in directing where the song was going to go from that point. Isolation from your usual environment can sometimes make your life feel like you are living in a dream. I take myself on a walk or run almost every day. It’s my time to reflect on all the things happening in my life and the world over. 'Mountain Steeps' captures a couple of those thoughts I often find myself coming back to on those outings. Lots of self-reflection."

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