Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Track Of The Day :: Squidge - Cardboard Box

Credit: Lara Hempsall

Words: Sam Geary 

Despite its loud, energetic and propulsive characteristics, Bath/Bristol alt-punk quartet Squidge's 'Cardboard Box', "acts as a metaphorical vessel that reflects upon a person's memories and life experiences from their deathbed," accordingly to the description given by guitarist Jordan Mallinson.

Following 'Simple Functions' from back in early spring, this rabid, grungy
three-minutes-plus honours the band's Nirvana inspiration in the punchy delivery of vocalist James Francis as it reflects on memories of "naive childhood games, discovering alcohol and sex and the struggles of supporting yourself financially " adds Mallinson. "This 'box' awaits a day where it is full, so that it’s owner can unpackage it’s contents to make peace with themselves in preparation for the end."

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