Monday, November 23, 2020

moa moa are 'Spinning' on their (balding!) heads

Credit: Lidia Huerta

South London band moa moa are returning with their second single, the psychedelic ‘Spinning’, a late follow-up to February's debut 'Yellow Jacket'.

Their first release for legendary producer Charlie Andrew’s (Alt-J, Marika Hackman) label Square Leg Records, ‘Spinning’, complete with squelchy synths, slinky guitar hooks, glitchy drums and heartfelt vocals, is an eccentric take on self-acceptance - and male pattern balding.

“Lyrically, I was trying to be playfully candid about self-love and self-acceptance," singer James Ratcliffe says. "The subject matter definitely slipped into the writing, which is where the colourful backdrop to 'Spinning' comes from.”

Keyboardist Connor Foweraker adds: “'Spinning' is a bit of a shift from where we left off last, but we're really happy to have something so vibrant to accompany 'Yellow Jacket'.”

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