Monday, November 30, 2020

Youth Sector get their 'Teeth' into new single

Words: Steve Willcox 

Brighton art-rockers Youth Sector have just unveiled new single ‘Teeth’, coming along just in time to displace the monotony of Lockdown Two.

The refreshing, fast-paced song, produced by Theo Verney, is not about dentistry, by the way, but how charlatans infiltrate and con their ways into our lives with the smarm and wit of a Terry-Thomas comedy character.

With its funky Nile Rogers bassline style and high synths manage to get under the skin, while vocalist Nick Tompkins holds it together with increasing paranoia as his life is slowly taken over during the song. 

“'Teeth' sees us continue to push into more rhythmic territory and embrace the influence of funk bands Parliament and Tower of Power, with its constant danceable groove punctuated by wonky guitars throughout," say the quintet. "Lyrically, the single explores the sinister magnetism of untrustworthy people and the way they can enter the lives of those vulnerable to their charms.”

'Teeth' brings vivid imagery of a wry smile and a hint of the crazy, luckily for us they’ve cleaned their pearly whites and made a mark. 

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