Monday, November 30, 2020

Track Of The Day :: The Rills - Stardog

Words: Izzy Butler 

The Rills are back after they dropped summer banger 'The Angler' in July, with an end year new single 'Stardog'. 

"'The Stardog'," explains frontman Mitch Spencer, "is an amalgamation of the small town dealers that I knew growing up in Lincoln. He’s very much a big fish in a small pond and that can really get into people’s heads, regardless of what they do."

Bit like the song, because from the very start 'Stardog' captures the attention with those ear-grabbing opening riffs and Mitch's signature vocal delivery style atop the big bass sound and chugging guitars.

It's a bit moshy, a bit dancey, very catchy - and gets a thumbs up here.


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