Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Baby Queen gets festive with ‘Santa Baby’

Words: Sam Geary 

The Baby Queen of the festive season Bella Latham gets her Christmas going with her own version of the holiday classic, ‘Santa Baby’.

Coming after her earlier EP ‘Medicine’, the Yuletide song holds special meaning.

“My dad used to have this Christmas mixtape that he would play every year when it hit December 1st, so Christmas music has always been a really big part of my life, but I think it’s hard to cover a Christmas song without feeling like it’s contrived. When we started talking about covering a Christmas song, there was only one that came into my mind like 'this is a song Baby Queen would write,' and it’s 'Santa Baby'. 

"I love how cheeky and satirical the lyrics are. They feel really youthful and tongue-in-cheek which is how I’d describe a lot of the music I released this year, so it just made total sense to me.”

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