Monday, December 07, 2020

Listen :: Flawes - What’s A Boy To Do

Flawes share their new single 'What’s A Boy To Do', coming from the alt-pop trio's 'Reverie' EP, out February 26 2021 via Red Bull Records.

From its acoustic guitar introduction, the track spontaneously erupts energetically through its uplifting hooks, lending a sense of optimism.

Drummer Josh ‘Huss’ Hussey explains the song is “about believing in yourself, going for a goal and knowing that even if you fail, you’re still proud of yourself for seeing it through.”

The accompanying video is linked to the previous visual for 'Holding Out For The Win'. The band return to perform in the same room as before and JC again undergoes a surprise transformation. As the song explodes into life, he hits a big red button which transports the boyhood version of himself to the present day.

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