Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Danish trio CHINAH go for 'Mysterious' on new single

Danish trio CHINAH are back with a new intriguing single, 'Mysterious'. 

Following 'Promise' from late last year, the Copenhagen-based dark pop outfit pull the listener into their universe,  with their unorthodox approach to the writing process creating a unique appeal. 

"'Mysterious' was made by crudely putting together some odd elements and somehow making them fit," explains keyboardist Simon Andersson. "We try to capture the weird beauty that can arise from combining things that weren’t initially meant to be together."

On top of these contrasting sonic elements, the lyrics also bring together the idea of apposing emotions. Singer Fine Glinvad adds how the song "plays around with the cliché of women being attracted to the mysterious man, and how it leaves you guessing about his feelings. It’s about being drawn to that uncertainty - whilst also knowing it’s a myth."

Listen below.

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