Monday, January 11, 2021

EP Review :: Turnstiles - The Turnstiles EP 



The Turnstiles EP

January 8 2021 (Blowtorch Records)


Words: Paul Dawson

Galway-based Turnstiles, the energetic punk fivesome, have garnered a stellar reputation despite their limited releases, but now with the release of this debut EP, they showcase what audiences have come to expect of their live performances.

The four-track EP, recorded in Lakeland Studios with Mike O’Dowd and mixed by Daniel Fox of Girl Band, focusses on global political systems which constrain us and also remind us that there is also our individual conduct to consider. 

It is a quick - under 14-minutes - jaunt which is able to capture your attention and keep you fully engaged throughout its duration. The excoriating 'Something To Die For' leads off with a bombast of blistering intent. paving the way for the tracks coming up behind. Frontman Callum Mitchell ably delivers the biting lyrics through an intense maelstrom of noise.

While 'Just Bleed' dials down the velocity, Mitchell keeps a taught rein on the emotional vocals, imploring "Sing a song that reminds me to breathe,” as guitars and drums add a backdrop of forceful reserve. The foreboding 'In A State' (“We are the first generation of instant information”) is direct and succinct. Closer 'Omniscient Delusion' is a straight-between-the-eyes sonic hit, where Mitchell fields a sneering intent as he presents the negative aspects of our 24/7 instant information culture.

Overall, a well executed EP from a young band which provides them a great platform to build upon.

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