Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Track Of The Day :: The Vitrines - Something New

Credit: Uuarte

Words by Paul Dawson

The now London-based former Southampton duo The Vitrines are back with something new, called, would you believe, 'Something New'!

Although 2020 wasn’t quite the year they - or any of us - were expecting,  Alex Donovan (vocals, guitar) and Morgan Haynes (drums) still put out some great tracks such as 'Complications Of It' and 'Out Of My Mind'.

Now they kick off 2021 with this new release which focusses on the change which comes from moving away for your hometown and the sacrifices which come along with it - something they know from experience moving up to the Smoke from the South Coast.

Not only does it reveal the boys' storytelling ability is growing and expanding with every song, but 'Something New' clearly shows they know their way around a guitar and drums; the heavy guitar riffs, in particular, stand out against the raw vocal dynamic and heavyweight drums that gives the track an authentic feel. 

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