Monday, February 15, 2021

Track Of The Day :: MODELS - Thriller

Words: Leah Raymond 

No, this isn't a cover of the other 'Thriller', it's a groovy MODELS 'Thriller' original.

Sway along to the heady sax and finger-snappy rhythms, as the Manchester trio floats over you with an array of synths, compressed drums, super smooth R&B and lush poppy, 80s tinged melodies.

It's a song, they say, about self-reflection and "our lowest of moments, that in the right circumstances, could be miraculously changed with the introduction of someone’s compassion. This offering of love ignites the glorious possibility that a relationship could be forged from embers, explode into life and be so all consuming for those involved that the grandeur and romance of it all is enough to embody an entire film genre.”

Step into the 'Thriller' now.

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