Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Listen :: The Sewing Club - Trying

Words: Sam Geary 

Yet another 'Club' band, this time Tennessee's The Sewing Club who blend lush lo-fi bedroom pop and Clairo-like vocals into their dreampop-gaze second single, 'Trying'.

Recorded and produced by Jared Corder of *repeat repeat, the song was written by lead singer Hannah McElroy after her struggle to adapt with the move from Tianjin, China to the USA for university.

"“The song has been about three years in the making, as I wrote it my freshman year of college," she says. "It is difficult differentiating between what your parents believe versus what you believe and it can be hard dismantling beliefs and values you have carried your whole life, but you have to try your best!" she says. "That is the core message of this song."

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