Monday, April 20, 2020

Jaguar Jonze streams debut EP, 'Diamonds & Liquid Gold'

Words: Ellie Ward 

Releasing your debut EP whilst in hospital battling COVID-19 may not be the most auspicious timing, but Brisbane-based indie pop-rock star Jaguar Jonze's six-track 'Diamonds & Liquid Gold' is a collection that is as much glittering and psychedelic, as it is powerful, dark and revealing.

“I feel like this EP is a journal to the first 18 months of Jaguar Jonze so it’s a bit eclectic in nature,” she says. “It explores heartbreak, mental health and self-discovery and hopefully, invites people into the world I’ve spent so long creating and learning to share with no boundaries.”

Last heard earlier this year with the EP's single cut 'Rabbit Hole', Deena Lynch, aka Jaguar Jonze, really turns up gold on this first offering.

Stream the EP in full below.

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