Monday, April 20, 2020

Listen :: China Bears - I'm Not Eating Like I Used To

Words: Sam Geary 

'I'm Not Eating Like I Used To' is the self-produced new single from China Bears, out now on Fierce Panda Records.

Taken from their forthcoming second EP 'Statue Still', the track, with an effective vocal deliveryand soaring guitar riffs, is "a song about worrying too much about how people perceive you and trying to avoid looking like you're struggling when in reality everyone is just going through the motions and trying to do the best they can," explains guitarist Frazer.

"The chorus line in particular - 'And the way that she looked at me, I've never seen her look like that before' - was about my mum crying when [twin brother and vocalist] Ivan and I left for university, so it was like seeing her just as a human being I suppose, and not just as my mum. It's about going through change, pretending you're coping and then realising you have people to help you cope so you don't need to be inside your head so much.”

Tune in here.

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