Thursday, May 14, 2020

Joesef shares video for 'The Sun Is Up Forever'

Glasgow sadboy Joesef recently released his latest self-produced, dreamy single, 'The Sun Is Up Forever'. Now it is joined by an ethereal visual.

Filmed entirely in isolation, footage used in the music video was crowdsourced via collaborative platform Daisie (co-founded by actress Maisie Williams) with the aim to connect and unify people amidst the current period of separation.

Joesef requested users submit clips of their sunrises or sunsets, stating in the video’s introduction, “I always took comfort in the fact that, although our surroundings may be different, we are all kind of looking up at the same thing.”

Edited together with a retro filter, the final film resembles an old VHS tape, fitting perfectly with the song’s message of moving on from the past.

Watch below.

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