Friday, October 30, 2020

Bombay Bicycle Club’s Ed Nash releases new solo track ‘When’ 


Bombay Bicycle Club’s Ed Nash is back with a new solo release, ‘When’.

Speaking about the track, Ed says: “‘When’ started out as a simple two and a half minute lo-fi song that I came up with late one night. Each section I added I liked more so I kept going and when I was done, the two and a half minute pop song that I had planned had morphed into a different beast all together. As you listen to the track you can hear it change shape as it did when I was making it... from sweet pop song to full band wig out.”

The track follows Ed’s recent ‘Think You Feel The Same’, and is the latest to come from a new solo project, to be released on Ed’s own label, Bangers & Nash.

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