Monday, November 23, 2020

Pondarosa are back with groove-fuelled new single, ‘As You Think’

Words: Paul Dawson 

Out now, Manchester/Liverpool-based alt-pop quartet Pondarosa have made their return with new single ‘As You Think’.

The band’s fourth single sees them turn their energetic buzz towards a more dancefloor orientated sound, infused with old school disco grooves and a funky bassline. Looking for inspiration at the likes of New Order and ABBA, this timd around sees the focus on creating a more synth-heavy and upbeat tune. 

“We worked with Matt Heap for the third time, which made things very relaxed and easy from the start," says keyboards player Adam Ghidouche. "Matt is comfortable with electronic music as well as guitar-based stuff, so he was able to help us capture a great blend of guitars and synths to create a more disco-infused sound.” 

Hopefully, 2021 will see Pondarosa back on the stage again with live versions of songs like 'As You Think' as their energetic stylings are truly missed. 

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