Monday, February 22, 2021

The Chase come out fast and furious on 'Black Cloud'

Words: Leah Raymond 

Nottingham indie Britpoppers The Chase take just under two and a half minutes to kick up a fury on new single 'Black Cloud', released last week through Robin Hood Records.

Recorded at Steel City Studio in Sheffield, the quartet (which includes brothers Tyler - vocals, guitar -  and Dion Heaney on drums, with cousin Luke Childs, bass, and friend James Cahill on keyboards) show off their 60s rock and 90s Britpop influences, as they go at breakneck pace with purpose, letting loose a flurry of killer hooks in a mosh-pit frenzy.

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  1. Played a great "inter-lockdown" socially distanced live show at Sidney&Matilda here in Sheffield on 5th October. Excellent band!