Thursday, February 25, 2021

Zella Day & Weyes Blood collab on new 'Holocene' video

Words: Sam Geary 

Zella Day has followed last year's EP 'Where Does the Devil Hide', with a Weyes Blood collaboration.

The pair share a grainy monochrome video, directed by Cameron McCool, for 'Holocene', the track unveiled earlier this month.

Zella Day said in a statement: “These days it seems music is the only superpower I can count on to protect me from the threats that lurk within the complete unknown. If hope were a paper airplane and shot into the sky I grabbed it with my hands as it was floating by and unfolded the paper to absorb the contents inside. 'Crazy Train' was scribbled at the top of the page and when I looked to see what the words were that were bleeding through from the other side of the paper 'Holocene' was there sitting with her legs cross waiting to be sung. 

"There was laughter in the room when the songs were made, tears being shed on the other sides of the walls, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I didn’t cry in the studio too. We’ve all needed a refuge this year, this is a glimpse into mine.” 

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