Monday, March 29, 2021

Track Of The Day :: Twin Diver make their debut with the post-punk 'Television'

Words: Linn Branson 

When the accompanying presser talked of "Lewis Bowman-esque vocals", being avid fans of the nuch lamented Chapel Club singer's baritone, we knew we had to give Irish duo Twin Diver the once-over.

'Television' marks the dark debut from the County Meath pair, Ben Spelman (guitar - and posessor of the aforementioned Bowman-like tones) and Jonathan Cooke Allen (bass), who  fuse electronic drums into a post-punk track, that pays homage to the likes of a 2021-sounding Joy Division.

“The track delves into how people want to feel special and the pursuit of that feeling," say Twin Diver. "I think everyone has a strange thought process around needing to feel important, almost a case of not caring what people think of you as long as it's you they're thinking of. As people in general, we have a very precarious sense of self.”

The reverbed guitar opening leads into the ominous vocals and the driving force works around the refrain of “And when I die, I hope they put me on television", and makes for something quite addictively moreish.

Don't know about the telly, lad, but this is going on repeat through our headphones right now.