Friday, April 02, 2021

Casual Threats blow a hurricane down the Tyne with 'DLR'

Credit: Austin Tweddle

Words: Ellie Ward 

Out today (April 2), 'DLR' sees the return of Newcastle post-punks Casual Threats with their first release since 2018.

The rip-roaring sub-three minute track blows a frenetic, post-punk blast down the Tyne that threatens a hurricane.  

Uplifting and anthemic, it also holds a catchy refrain as the caustic vocals belt out with intensity.

"The emotion behind the track comes from a big feeling of isolation on a personal level," explains vocalist and guitarist Oliver. "Isolation from friends and from lovers. It explores a feeling of not being able to connect. It reflects on how you can find yourself living the same way for a long time where everything starts to feel a little boring, so you then put yourself into situations you shouldn’t, just to be able to feel something. Ultimately because of that, you end up being worse than before."

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