Thursday, April 01, 2021

The Beach returns with a new slice of emotive alt-pop, 'Still In Love'

Words: Sam Geary 

George Morgan, aka The Beach, is back with a new slice of emotive alt-pop, 'Still In Love'. 

Produced and co-written with Fyfe, the introspective track, the first taste of his forthcoming EP, reflects on a past relationship, as the pop-embelished synths and beats work around heartfelt vocals that deliver a song of heartache.

"Essentially, [it's] a confession/play by play of how I acted/felt about my ex-girlfriend after we broke up," he reveals. "I convinced myself that I was over it but was brutally reminded I wasn’t when I bumped into her at a mutual friend’s birthday. You never know how you’re gonna react when you see an old flame out somewhere and I guess this song is my experience of still feeling something when I didn’t think I would."

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