Friday, November 14, 2014

Track Of The Day :: VVhile - Wrong Face Wrong Palm

The long - almost 90 seconds - intro on this leaves one in suspense as to what the vocals might sound like when they eventually do come, as do often they can make or break a track. In this case it is definitely the former.

'Wrong Face Wrong Palm' is the lead single from the debut album 'More' by Serbian duo VVhile. The guitar and drums pair - Stevan Cirovic on vocals/drums and Andrija Spicanovic, guitar/vocals - from Belgrade, describe themselves as 'noise pop', though going by this track alone, it feels far more along the shoegaze path. At over five minutes in length, the combination of long guitar, effects and drums passages, interspersed amongst the lo-fi dual vocals, add flavour to the soundscape. Oh, and they throw in just a frisson of drones to keep it interesting too.

After getting together in 2011, originally as a punk rock outfit, the pair gradually began to explore sounds beyond that genre, moving further into experimental noise and pop; utilising techniques that they say will "annihilate your ears with atmospheric noise landscapes".

Their debut EP 'Vanity' first appeared in June 2012, before being re-released in US by Dirt Cult Records in October last year.

'More' is available now through all digital platforms. Vinyl release in February 2015 thru Dirt Cult Records (US), Twintone Records (Germany), Numavi Records (Austria), POP Depression (Serbia) and Jazz Chairs (Serbia).

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