Friday, September 25, 2015

EP Review :: Yung - These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores


These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores

September 18 2015 (Fat Possum/Tough Love)


Words: Ellie Ward

Danish post-punks Yung deliver this six-track follow up to their well-received debut ‘Alter’. Led by Mikkel Holm Silkj√¶r, the group - who come from Denmark's second city Aarhus - serve up a Scandinavian idea of youthful punk rebellion, and much of ‘These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores’ is like a struggle between controlled frustration and brash exuberance.

After building up a reputation for their live shows and on the back of 'Alter', they veer here from the opening track 'God', a sub-three minute blast which goes straight in with a raft of squally guitars and big hooky chorus, to the six-and-a-half minute motorik epic 'Blue Uniforms'. Filled in around these are urgent drums, caustic feedback, industrial tendencies, and Silkjaer’s drone-like vocal. Although he breaks from monotony briefly on the equally lengthy ‘Offshore’ with a more expansive pitch; though more often than not these are given over to head-crashing yells against stridently sharp guitars.

Unless you happen to be a massive headbanging Yung fan, two tracks are ten minutes worth a listen, it then becomes somewhat repetitious for the remainder with a lack of diversity or enough melodic stucture to sufficiently appreciate.

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