Sunday, September 06, 2015

Track Of The Day :: Jinja Safari - Accident

Words: Ellie Ward

You can tell right from the off that Sydney's Jinja Safari are going for something a little different with 'Accident', the new single from the Oz five-piece.

The follow-up to debut 'Find My Way', 'Accident', released last week, is built around interesting off-beat time signatures, Marcus Azon's unique vocal, and the catchy melody over a flow of synths.

Azon was inspired to write the track after he witnessed a girl and a guy run into each other at an airport: “it reminded me of every time I’ve ever run into an ex. I watched them dance around each other, share a wobbly hug, and then part ways. I stood there taking notes like a creep, and thought it might be interesting to write the story from the woman’s perspective.”

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