Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Track Of The Day :: Orphan Boy - Money To Money

Words: Ellie Ward

They may be tagged 'council pop', but the new single 'Money To Money' from Grimsby quartet Orphan Boy comes in a big anthemic form geared for festival stages and life beyond the urban sprawl.

The track - out on October 9 via Concrete Recordings - is the third single from their third album, 'Coastal Tones' released earlier this year, and and paints an uncompromising and grim, if apt, picture, of life amidst welfare cuts and austerity for many in Britain right now: "Follow the trail of the supermarket bags down Prospect Road/Young bodies frail folded crumpled under rags down Prospect Road/Her thoughts run pale as she shakes between the fags down Prospect Road/The Christmas mail lies unopened in a pile of black bags where all these prospects lie unsold".

Orphan Boy frontman and lyricist Rob Cross explains the song’s true lyrical theme:

"'Money To Money' is trying to say that the romanticised portrayal of poverty is a lie. There is no added charm or vitality or sense of community in poverty. It is a place littered with plastic bags and rented rooms, where children wail and young people in the prime of their lives lie crumpled under bedsheets, drained from the pressures of the world, watching the clock tick while the unopened bills and red letters pile high beneath the letterbox. There's a lot of this kind of thing going on in Grimsby."

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