Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Track Of The Day :: Shirt/Pants - Haze & Ginger / Slacker

Words: Linn Branson

The more we've listened to this fast, frenetic and raucous set of five two-minute punk blasts on the latest EP from Washington DC quartet Shirt/Pants, the more we're loving them.

The band, originally from Woodbridge, Virginia, are all aged between 17 - 20 (three of whom are still in college or high school) and whose 'Shirt/Pants' name, we are informed, derives from "our early days of playing house shows in our hometown where no one would know what genre to call us. We once got called 'shoegaze rock' and I think Dashab [vocalist] came up with the name by making fun of that."

There's certainly not much 'gazing' to be detected on these two tracks 'Haze & Ginger' and 'Slacker' which we couldn't choose between for one to be our Track Of The Day. In a rare one-off, therefore, both are receiving the honour. The two come from the band's EP, 'Save Your Lungs For Cigarettes', the follow-up to 'What Would You Rather?', their split single (with Tomato Dodgers) from February.

Both tracks have an energy about them that resembles the likes of Greys and Parquet Courts. We like the raw DIY edge, and the scuzzy exuberance of youth.

Shirt/Pants are: Dashab Choudhary (19), vocals, rhythm guitar; Nabeel Mirza (18), bass; Sam Schneider (17), lead guitar; Chase Noice (20), drums.

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